Cost Management

Cost Management and Building Cost Planning

Estimating construction costs for construction ensures a set budget for a building project. Building cost planning controls the budget during the design and construction phases. If you're looking for building cost planning and cost management, you'll find that there are several advantages to your decision.

One of the primary considerations going in is to find a partner that you can trust, who is licensed, and who has enough experience in the industry to provide accurate information and reporting. JBG Quantity Surveying offers licensed services including administering construction contracts, advising on environmental consideration, and cost management. We continuously analyse and benchmark the budget to stay on top of all relative expenditures.

At JBG Quantity Surveying, we offer building cost planning and cost management services for property developers, builders, and other property development professionals. JBG Quantity Surveying maintains registration with the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors—Registration no.17995. Our principal Joe Grehan has nearly two decades of comprehensive experience with costing methodology and commercial construction projects.

Cost management means we work to balance expenditures between phases and keep expenditures within the budget. We approve payments, monitor the budget, and provide cash flow reports. And we'll be there after completed construction to provide cost estimations as needed for insurance, among other things.

JBG Quantity Surveying offers building cost planning that is an excellent value by saving time, making the construction process more efficient and cost-effective. Cost management organises phases, from pre-construction, preparing costs for building cost planning and design development to preparing the Bills of Quantities and evaluating builders.

If you're looking for building cost planning and cost management, contact JBG Quantity Surveying.