Detailed Cost Estimate

JBG Quantity Surveying: Detailed Building Cost Estimate

A detailed cost estimate for construction goes much further than bidding against a design concept. When you work with professionals like the ones you'll find at JBG Quantity Surveying, you'll discover that a building cost estimate should help you identify potential budget conflicts and overruns before construction begins. A detailed cost estimate begins on the drafting table and continues through design development on through construction.

Your building cost estimate provides value and ultimately reduces costs. A detailed cost estimate can reveal where you can trim fat from the budget and streamline production costs. Not only that but a detailed cost estimate enables informed decisions based expenditures, with line item pricing.

The detailed cost estimate and cost control procedures are essential tools to manage a construction project. A building cost estimate, implemented early on in the process, will inspire the design team to create practical solutions. And, regular monitoring and updating of drawings and cost estimations will keep the project budget on track.

When you hire JBG Quantity Surveying, we'll work with you to develop a project budget as early as possible. Then we'll analyse project requirements and drawings, oversee contractors and prepare detailed line-item cost reports. We'll also analyse the costs of utilities, permitting, testing, and inspections for a detailed cost estimate.

Your building cost estimate includes flexibility built-in with provisions for unexpected costs and costs escalation. JBG Quantity Surveying supplies a detailed and accurate scope of materials, suppliers, and vetted contractors, with a contingency budget to allow for the unexpected.

Your detailed cost estimate has a massive impact on your budget. Make sure you pick the right partner. At JBG Quantity Surveying, our principal, Joe Grehan, has nearly two decades of commercial construction. In 2015, he opened JBG Quantity Surveying, offering licensed detailed cost estimate and management services for property developers, builders, and other property development professionals.

If you need a building cost estimate and managing services, contact JBG Quantity Surveying for a dependable, trustworthy partnership.