• Pradeep De Silva

Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Surf Club

Alterations and additions to the existing surf clubhouse.

​JBG coordinated the design team and the construction certificate approval process. JBG compiled the tender documents and engaged the Builder for the project.

Location: Hawks Nest NSW

Project Value: $1.0m

"Joe has been very understanding and patient with all aspects of out job. As we are a not for profit community organisation, we have hurdles that need to be overcome that are not that mainstream. Aspects such as waiting for approval from our committee meetings and negotiating with committee members. Joe, I believe has turned our project around from a community-based project to a professional commercial project. Due to his involvement I believe our club's refurbishment will be completed to a much higher standard.

Joe has assisted us with obtaining our CC, this was no easy feat and we had a great many restrictions placed on us by our certifier as we were upgrading an old building to modern standards and safety features. Joe organised all the appropriate engineers and professionals to have these requirements fulfilled and appropriately addressed.

Joe has organised onsite visits with myself and other stake holders over the time we have been undertaking this project. Joe also organised a tender process for us, that allowed us to have a choice of high-quality contractors to choose from. I believe having Joe involved in our build has ultimately saved us money. Joe is always available and his communication is always conducted within a very timely manner.

Outside of these professional attribute's Joe is a true gentleman and at all times works in a professional friendly and approachable manner".

Nicola Young, President

Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Surf Life Saving Club

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