Quantity Surveyor Near Me

JBG Quantity Surveying: Quantity Surveyor

If you're searching for a quantity surveyor, you need a licensed professional to estimate and monitor construction costs. Quantity surveying requires the ability to read and interpret construction documents, such as architectural drawings and specifications. Your quantity surveyor near me should also understand construction methods to monitor costs from design to completion.

There are phases involved in quantity surveying from pre-construction when your quantity surveyor prepares costs and plans for design development to prepare the Bills of Quantities and evaluate builders tenders. During construction quantity surveying requires monitoring and reporting, keeping an eye on cash flow, and approving payments.

Your quantity surveyor may also be there after completed construction to provide cost estimates for your insurance company and more. Licensed quantity surveying allows your quantity surveyor to administer construction contracts, advise on environmental consideration, analyse and benchmark construction costs based, and assess and monitor construction costs among many other things.

At JBG Quantity Surveying, we offer professional quantity surveying services for property developers, builders, and other property development professionals. We're a member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors—Nominated Quantity Surveyor, Registration no.17995.

Principal Joe Grehan has nearly two decades of comprehensive onsite construction knowledge and experience, methodology, and the building process. Joe established JBG Quantity Surveying in 2015 and continues to achieve positive results for our clients.  JBG Quantity Surveying ensures accurate and realistic cost management, with a commitment to helping you keep on track and within budget.

If you're looking for a quantity surveyor, contact JBG Quantity Surveying to determine how we can help.